Playing Your Dream Course – St Andrews

Whether it’s where you play your local 18 holes or the lush greens you encountered on your last vacation, every golfer has a favorite course. That’s not to say, of course, that every golfer has played their dream course. Some courses are too far away, extremely prestigious, or just too expensive for a regular day’s worth of golf. For many, that means the closest they’ll get to their dream is by watching the golf channel or clicking through Google images. But for those who still want to experience walking the fairways of St Andrews, Ultimate HD Golf has the solution!

At Ultimate HD Golf you can choose to virtually play a number of famous courses like Pebble Beach or Pinehurst, but for many the crown jewel of courses is and always will be St Andrews. Bringing you back to the birthplace of golf, experience the double greens and Swilcan Bridge as you test your mettle on the same course that made Bobby Jones walk away in frustration. Navigate the endless bunkers, tackle the infamous “Road Hole”, and see how your skills stack up against the all-time greats!

Ultimate HD Golf offers you the experience of a lifetime without having to pack your bags or buy a plane ticket to Scotland. With our state-of-the-art simulator, you’ll feel like you’re really there, playing for a spot on the leader board of The Open Championship and walking around the Old Course at St Andrews. Using over 55,000 HD photographs makes you feel like your cleats are digging into the dirt, allowing you to get in a round of golf in half the time and at a fraction of the price of a full 18-hole course.

Ready to live your dream and dominate the scene? Booking is easy!

Just visit our site and set up a time to visit us to play indoor golf inside LA Fitness! Get ready for St Andrews and see you on the links!

Work on Your Game, Any Time

Golf is a great game – there’s no question about that – but we all know that it’s simply impossible to golf as much as we might want. Between busy schedules, expensive courses, and inclement weather, sometimes we just can’t get out on the course. That’s where Ultimate HD Golf comes in – to help you get back into your game.

Located inside LA Fitness clubs (no LA Fitness membership needed), Ultimate HD Golf is a place where you can work on your shot, play 18 holes, and check out your favorite courses all in a comfortable indoor environment. And although you’re playing on a screen (11-foot by 15-foot, by the way), this isn’t like your kids’ video game. We use over 55,000 HD photographs to make you feel like you’re really there, playing a course you never dreamed you’d be able to play!

In a portion of the time and for a fraction of the price you can work on your game any time of year, in any weather. No need to worry about getting a cart or filling out your foursome here, it’s all fun and all golf! And if you’re serious about working on your skills, our state-of-the-art monitor will analyze your swing, collect data about each shot, and give you all the statistics you’ll need to keep track of your improvements.

Without a doubt you’ll want to tell your friends about your quick indoor rounds, so bring them along! You can play closest to the pin, long drive contests, or many other games to make it a great time for everyone. When you’re done with the games and want to move on to a full round, you can check out more than 30 simulations of real courses including St. Andrews, Torrey Pines, Pebble Beach, and many more.

Still not convinced? Come in and give it a try on the house!. After your free 15 minutes of action, you can make a reservation for your first full session. The simulators are fun for all ages and skill levels and are super easy to use, so feel free to bring the kids along.

Ultimate HD Golf is an experience you’ll want to come back for. Come down and give us a shot!

Indoor Golf Makes Great Teambuilding

When deciding where to take your employees on their next teambuilding outing, there are plenty of creative options. Often a motivational speaker is brought in, who tries to loosen up your group with comedy, silly games or brainstorming sessions.

Ideally, though, the environment should be stress free, relaxed and fun. – not a mental strain that your employees and clients are already dealing with each day. Events in office are not great. To truly get loose and leave self-consciousness behind, something off-site is better.

It’s still ideal to maintain a competitive spirit so that groups can work together toward a goal. Sports and golf have long been a good option, but there’s typically a hurdle due to age, skill level and athleticism. Ultimate HD Golf in Mission Viejo has put a new twist on golf that leaps over these hurdles.

Ultimate HD Golf offers indoor simulated golf on well-known, beautiful high definition courses. Your clients or employees won’t have to worry about a lower skill level. There are no lost balls, water or sand traps. There’s also no concern about getting hot and sweaty in the sun. Indoor golf is truly a great starting point for a beginner. Meanwhile, experienced players will still enjoy the competitiveness and the gorgeous courses.

We believe indoor golf offers a relaxed and fun atmosphere that will be a hit with your group. Cost is reasonable, and a typical 18-hole course can be played in about an hour – a welcome advantage for both you and your group. For more information, contact us, or simply book a time online.